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2017: A year in review

Posted by Savannah House on Tue, Jan 02, 2018


2017 was filled with exciting and challenging projects, product launches, a new partnership with ITA Group, insightful conference presentations, and more. As we look ahead to 2018, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on some of our favorite blog posts of 2017:

“Why the Market Research Industry Must Stand Up for the Census” 

written by Athena Rodriguez

You'll be forgiven if the US Census hasn't made your top "list of things to worry about" this year. But the 2020 US Census is in trouble. Its lack of funding coupled with this year’s resignation of Census Bureau director John Thompson has put the 2020 census in danger—and the ramifications are deeply concerning for the market research industry.

“AI, AI, AI! What next?”

written by Brant Cruz

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to permeate strategy discussions in 2018. From financial services to tech, a lot of brands are thinking about the future of AI. But many are struggling to answer foundational questions like where will AI live organizationally? Does it deserve its own category of products/apps, or should it remain a concept that permeates nearly every project across departments? As AI continues to be a hot topic in 2018, it will provide a lot of exciting challenges and opportunities for brands in all industries.

The Social Identity Effect: How one Millennial “Found Herself” at the MFA After Midnight 

written by Lisa Hoffman

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts wanted to change its image. So, it changed the image of its stereotypical visitor when it introduced #mfaNOW—a series of late-night parties, artistic celebrations, and lectures targeted at young Bostonians looking for a fun night out. It offers millennials the opportunity to see their peers experiencing (and enjoying) the museum in an entirely different context than a typical daytime visit—a paradigm shift for an established brand. Brands looking to influence or change their brand perception need to consider who their typical (or target) customer is and create experiences and offer services and products that appeal to that person.

BrandFx: How to Fix Brands' Consumer-sized Blind Spot 

written by Mark Doherty

If your brand measurement program doesn’t consider social identity, you’re missing a critical opportunity. While research and insights have generally kept up with this evolution in consumer-centric thinking (witness the growth of ethnographic work and customer journey mapping), brand tracking has not. Most brands are still tracking their brand health through measures focusing solely on their brand and not on the consumers. BrandFx—CMB’s proprietary approach—focuses on what consumers want from a brand—the benefits driving purchase, loyalty and advocacy.

Does Your Metric Have a Home(plate)? 

written by Youme Yai

Stats have been at the heart of baseball for as long as the sport has been around—few other sports track individual and team stats with such precision and detail. With all this data, sabermetrics can yield some unwieldy metrics that have little applicability or predictive power. And sometimes we see this happen in market research. There are times when we are asked to collect hard-to-justify variables in our studies. While it seems sensible to gather as much information as possible, there’s such a thing as “too much” where it starts to dilute the goal and clarity of the project.  

Thank you to our readers, and to everyone at CMB who contributed to the blog in 2017. We've got some great content lined up for 2018, so stay tuned!