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Best practices for measuring and managing marketing performance

Posted by Josh Mendelsohn on Thu, Feb 25, 2010

marketing effectivenessOver the last decade, the science of marketing has grown in importance as marketing departments have come under increasing pressure to defend budgets and more clearly articulate the value they are creating for the organization.

In the last few years alone, advances in the science of marketing measurement as well as significant changes in communications mediums have transformed the function of marketing and the measurement of its impact on the business.  

This week an article from CMB's Rich Schreuer and CMG Partners' Karl  Gustafson appeared in Advertising Age's CMO Strategy section offering four best practices for improving "marketing performance" -the disciplined practice of effectively measuring, learning from, and improving marketing strategies and tactics over time.  The four best practices are:

  1. Fostering senior-level buy-in
  2. Seeking strategic alignment
  3. Making targeted investments in people, technology and data systems
  4. Developing strong processes

Learn more about these best practices and what you can do to improve your organization's marketing performance by reading the article in Advertising Age.


marketing effectivenessHow to Improve Marketing Performance

Chadwick Martin Bailey and CMG Partners share the findings of a joint research study among over 400 CFO, CEO and marketing employees of companies with 100+ employees interested in measuring the performance of their marketing initiatives.

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