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May Conference Schedule: Social Media Research, Product Development, Netbooks

Posted by Josh Mendelsohn on Tue, Apr 20, 2010

We have a lot of great events coming up here at CMB that you might be interested in.  In addition to April 29th's Segmentation Best Practices webinar, we have three great conferences lined up for May including co-presentations with AMD and Tauck Worldwide.  If you're interested in attending, let us know and we might be able to get you a discount.


1.  Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies, May 3-5, Boston

Understanding B2B Social Media:  An AMD Case Study

CMB's Chris Neal and AMD's Georgeanna Liu will presenting a case study of how CMB helped AMD better understand and capitalize on social media to drive their business. In this session, we'll explain the steps that AMD took to review and refine their social media strategy focusing on very specific target audiences. 


2.  The Life Stage Marketing Summit, May 10-12, Chicago

Building a Boomer Focused Travel Package

CMB's  Judy Melanson and Tauck Worldwide's Jeremy Palmer will share a case study of how the two companies worked together to develop a full understanding of Tauck Worldwide's current and potential Boomer guests and translate that information into a Boomer-focused tour product. 


3.  Netbook Summit, May 24th and 25th, San Francisco

CMB's Don Ryan will be speaking and moderating several sessions at the Netbook Summit May 24th and 25th in San Francisco. Don will be sharing research on the consumerization of IT and where Netbooks fit into the purchasing agenda for the enterprise market.

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