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Corporate Volunteer Day: CMB Helps out BostonCares because, well, we care.

Posted by Stephanie Kimball on Fri, May 21, 2010

This past weekend I joined seven fellow CMB-ers (Athena Rodriguez, Brett Davidson, Cristhian Caicedo, Diego Jimenez, George Haranis, Holly Seebach, and Jenny Sage) to participate in Boston's Corporate volunteer day for the second year in a row. The event is organized by Boston Cares who offer programs and opportunities for individuals and companies to volunteer. In our case, we were selected to be involved with the Roslindale Wetlands Reforestation Project through Boston Parks.  

As CMB's team leader (check out my spiffy different color t-shirt), I needed to arrive early and had the opportunity to talk to a few neighbors in the area about what the wetlands use to look like and learn about The Roslindale Wetlands Task Force (formed at a September 4, 2003 town hall meeting attended by more than 100 community residents.) For the past 6 years the wetlands task force has been bringing people from the community together to clean up trash and illegally dumped waste, turning what was once dumping grounds into a place they can enjoy with family and friends.

As we worked alongside people from the neighborhood helping the wetlands become one step closer to restoration, our main objective was to plant various types of trees.  Serviceberry, pagoda dogwood, tupelo, and bay magnolia were all on our list to help restore the native trees into the area. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and dove right into the project, picking up shovels, pick axes, and bags of mulch as we worked with teams of three to tackle all of the 25 trees on our list to plant. Myself and our kick-ass office manager/opera singer Holly were very excited and dove right into planting our first Serviceberry tree. We dug our hole, placed the tree in it, made sure it was straight, filled it in, topped it off with mulch, and even took a celebratory photo (shown below). Only later did we come back to see that our tree had been dug up and was being used to demonstrate to everyone how to properly plant a tree. With our egos aside, we convinced ourselves that they used our tree just because it was closer to the group, not because we did it incorrectly.  Regardless, we eagerly scurried off, picked up some more shovels, and went on our way to plant more trees to prove our planting skills.

A lot of hard work over the past seven years has gone into cleaning up and restoring the Roslindale Wetlands, and I was happy and proud that the CMB team could be a small part of it. We all learned a little more about the tactics of planting trees  and about wildlife, but most importantly, we worked as a team to better improve the area while getting to know our  fellow CMB-ers a little better.  (Thanks again to Athena Rodriguez, Brett Davidson, Cristhian Caicedo, Diego Jimenez, George Haranis, Holly Seebach, and Jenny Sage for helping CMB give back to the community!) See more photos on our facebook page by clicking here.


Posted by: Stephanie Kimball. Stephanie is our Marketing and Sales Coordinator and loves any and all sports, the beach, traveling, marketing, being challenged, good food, nightlife, and Saturday afternoon naps. You can follow her on twitter @SKBalls.


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