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Don't Miss Cathy Harrison at the AMA Virtual Market Research Conference

Posted by Josh Mendelsohn on Mon, Jun 21, 2010

This coming Wednesday is the American Marketing Association's Virtual Event:  Unveiling Marketing Research's Future Online.  As part of the event CMB's own Cathy Harrison will be debating hot topics with two of the other most widely read Tweeters in the market research community, Jeffrey Henning and Kathryn Korostoff.  See below for all of the session details (AMA members can register for free here.)

Tweet Off: Three MR Tweeps Bicker, Badger & Bust Out of 140 Characters

Cathy Harrison, Client Services Executive, Chadwick Martin Bailey
Kathryn Korostoff, Research Rockstar
Jeffrey Henning, Vovici

Join three of the most prominent market researchers on Twitter as they debate contentious research issues of the day. Cathy Harrison (@VirtualMR), Kathryn Korostoff (@ResearchRocks) and Jeffrey Henning (@jhenning) will debate:

  • The role of the market research department in a DIY (Do It Yourself) survey world.  Point: MR is better off decentralized and embedded in other jobs.  Counterpoint: Organizations need centralized MR expertise more than ever.
  • Privacy in customer satisfaction research. Point: Follow up with every dissatisfied customer who takes a survey. Counterpoint: Customer satisfaction surveys are for measuring, not intervening.
  • Market Research Online Communities. Point: The best MROCs are small, closed, branded and permanent. Counterpoint: Research communities can take a wide array of firms, each suited for different tasks.
  • Social media market research. Point: Social media research will largely replace and supplant traditional consumer survey research. Counterpoint: Social media transforms and empowers surveys rather than replacing them.

social media research case studyWant to learn more about social media research?  Watch our webinar featuring Georgeanna Liu and Chris James from AMD as they present a case study of how CMB conducted market research to support key social media strategy decisions and how AMD is using it today.  Watch here.

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