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AMA Market Research Conference Round Up: Can I get a definition please…

Posted by Julie Kurd on Thu, Oct 14, 2010

ama market research conferenceListorious?  Blowback? Chartporn? Anyone?

No doubt about it, with its virtual events and its heavy focus on social media and innovation, the American Marketing Association

can help you find and open the door to the world of tomorrow’s marketing and market research.  I had the opportunity to attend the AMA Market Research Conference in Atlanta on September 26-29, and for those who missed it, here are ten of my takeaways: 

10.  Are you connected to the Expert Networks, the Tweets and the Tweeps?

As one conference goer described it, ‘Let me introduce you to the 12 most influential people you'll never meet.’  Why will you never meet them?  Because they’re on Twitter, of course.  How to get started:

  • The AMAMRC has set up a ‘My Tweeps’ page at http://mrc2010.ama.sixent.net/marketing-research-tweeps so its worth considering connecting with all of them and using the #amamrc  hashtag to join the conversation.
  • Then connect your Linkedin to your Twitter, and get to know Listorious, Tweetdeck, Quora and Aardvark. 
  • And if you want to meet fellow twitterers face to face, there are Tweet Ups at all the major conferences.  It’s great to actually meet people you connect with or whose musings you comment on.

9.  Learn about new sites like http://chartporn.org, and no, it’s not porn

8.  Can you improve the way you tell a story?

iModerate’s Jen Drolet talked about the 4 elements of good storytelling that’s so consistent with what clients need today…1) Know (KYC or know your customer, understand the business issue, investigate); 2) Analyze (explore, review from various vantage points, categorize insights/data, identify trends, interpret/formulate the story;  3) Customize; and 4) Narrate (captivate your reader, draw them in, be persuasive, put in the polish, blend the elements)

7.  Is blowback good, and does your company have it?

Kelley Styring talked at a whirlwind pace about how to conduct a full cross-channel marketing communication plan… content is the hub from which everything spokes, but that no one owns content.  The creator of content and the spokes for disseminating the content include locations such as ReverbNation, Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  Kelley says focus on the seed, offer and then get ‘blowback’ for incendiary viral marketing. 

What’s blowback?  According to Wikipedia, it’s “an espionage term for the violent, unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the civil population of the aggressor government.”  For Kelley Styring, blowback is when something takes on a life of its own in an unpredictable direction.  An example of this is a brand that unleashes ‘the army’ of likeminded people who have an opinion about something.  Her examples were about a company named the Pink Spiders.   If you haven’t seen Kelley Styring in action, it’s probably time to check her out.   Go to YouTube for her “In your purse”   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNphd0llnGo  or her “In your car” insights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2dGW9wXyLE .  Alas, I didn’t notice a YouTube of her AMA talk.

6.  Do you know the 4 Market Researchers under forty? Tom Anderson, Tom DeRuyck, Nick Harrington, Kristin Luck  

If you don’t, check them out.  They’re all on Twitter, Linked In and they’re really firing on all spark plugs to move this industry forward.

5.  Have you focused on the ultra-luxe occasion seeker lately?

Veronica Smiley from Harrah’s spoke about the VIP Concierge product they have, helping bachelorettes, 60 year old men from France, and others to set up the ultimate getaway experience for a group of people to Las Vegas.  True, Vegas has also experienced the downturn, but Veronica talks about carving out new market opportunities and connecting with some of the very best occasion seekers.  Her storytelling was A+.

4.  Have you created a bragger’s club?  Are your fans so connected that YOU are telling them “Apology Accepted?”  

Wow, Cynthia Rowley of Roxy.com, you've got a powerful tween engagement strategy with that panel of KOL girls.  Evidently, Roxy invited in trendsetting girls and frequently asks their opinion to guide Roxy’s future direction.  Love the part where Cynthia herself is pictured on this panel as posing the questions.  The girls actually email her saying things like “Sorry I didn’t have time to give you my opinion this week, Cynthia, but I was really busy with soccer and my homework.”

And in another session, we heard from NASCAR.  They have a panel and get this...virtually nobody (1%) says they participate too often. 62% brag to others that they're on the NASCAR Fan Council.

3.  Don’t we all want to be Chief Creatologist or a Chief Happiness Officer?

Joe Batista, Chief Creatologist at HP says of Innovation, 'the roads are wicked slippery' …is he from New England?  He really said wicked!  http://tinyurl.com/32gymot

2.  Have you blogged lately?  Have you been reading good blogs?

There are lots of great blogs and lists of great bloggers abound (including the CMB Blog of course).  You can find many of them on AMA MRC site at:  http://mrc2010.ama.sixent.net/marketing-research-bloggers.

1.  Get out!

If you haven’t gone to a major AMA or IIR conference in the past year, maybe it’s time to put that money into the budget.  A lot of new things are going on in the market research industry and it would be a shame to miss out!

Posted by Julie Kurd. Julie is a Director on CMB's Financial Services/Insurance and Healthcare Practice who loves ski racing, Tuckerman’s Ravine, sailing and bananagrams. You can follow her @julie1research

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