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Three Tips to Get Your Brand Tracker Off to a Healthy Start in 2011

Posted by George Haranis on Wed, Jan 12, 2011

See you later 2010, the ball has dropped (without Snooki inside), and 2011 is here! 

At the start of 2011, it was decided that the Financial Services/Healthcare/Insurance team here at CMB would create a Team Tracking Program. While this sounds fancy and overly complex (hey, what can I say, we are market researchers), it’s a spreadsheet in which our team members put their goals and resolutions for 2011 and track their progress. Not surprisingly, some of our team’s goals include: less caffeine, dressing more professionally, keeping desks/offices more organized, and OF COURSE…. eating better and exercising more.

Speaking of health and exercise, every year at about this time, there is what I like to call “The Annual Gym Rush.” At the start of each year, gyms are packed to the limit with those who start the New Year with more exercise in mind. Unfortunately, as January passes, fewer and fewer of those people remain, as many fall back into their old habits and gyms return to normal capacity.

But personal health is not the only thing one should be concerned about in 2011, brand health is important as well. While it is easy for your company’s brand health tracking program to follow the same schedule as “The Annual Gym Rush,” you need to keep that momentum moving forward.  Use 2011 to revitalize your brand health tracking program, get it into shape, and make it work more for you.

Consider the following as a start to an effective fitness plan for your tracker:

Reconsider the Content of Your Questionnaire

It’s quite easy to fall into the common trap of keeping questions in your program because they have been there for years. But now is the time to ask yourself, do you actually use the information from these questions? Can the results of the questions lead to action? If the answer is no, consider cutting the flab.

Include a Rotating Strategic Module

I know, I know, another fancy market research name.  But a Rotating Strategic Module is simply a section of your questionnaire that can be updated on a regular basis with a series of new questions. I’m sure your organization has the need to answer some easy questions, and rather than create an entirely new research study, use the measurement tool you already have in place. Hey, it’s cheap, easy, and can draw more internal attention (and creditability) to your tracking study.

Weave Multimedia Throughout Your Program

Rather than just ask respondents if they have seen advertising for your company, show a short clip or screenshots of a recent advertisement. Ask respondents if they recall seeing the ad, and more importantly, if they can connect the advertisement to your company. Not only does it keep things fresh for respondents, it keeps your ad agency actively involved in the program.

So remember, the New Year is a time to take a look at oneself, denounce bad habits, and set yourself (and your company’s tracking programs) up for greater success!

Posted by George Haranis. George is a Project Manager with CMB's Financial Services/Healthcare/Insurance team and can help you take your tracking study to the next level, think of him as Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser.

Topics: brand health and positioning