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The 5 P's of ITA Group: A recipe for success

Posted by Heather Magaw on Wed, Oct 31, 2018


The 5 P's of ITA Group (3)

You might be familiar with the 5 P’s of marketing (product, price, place, promotion, and people), but last week at the ITA Group annual sales kickoff meeting, I was introduced to another powerful set of P’s: The 5 P’s of ITA Group.

While the 5 P’s of ITA Group are guiding principles that knit together the ITA Group Family (which includes CMB), they’ll also resonate with any business committed to providing world-class service to clients and customers

It all starts with PASSION, an intrinsic motivation to do right by our clients and colleagues while being true to ourselves. While the drivers of passion may vary between individuals, the collective force of a passionate group of employee owners is a powerful one.

The second P is PRIDE. There’s tremendous individual and shared pride in the vision, mission, and values of our organizations, as well as in the value of the products and services that we provide. The strong history of excellence of all these organizations and the combined strength of their current offerings also contributes to a palatable sense of pride.

PARTNERSHIP is another key element that all members of the ITA Group value. We partner with one another to leverage the strongest possible talent to deliver the highest quality experience for our clients, as well as their employees, business partners, and customers. We also value partnership with our clients to ensure their experiences working with ITA Group organizations is extraordinary.

The fourth P, PERSEVERANCE, is a key underpinning of the equation. Change is inevitable, as is the unexpected. Yet, perseverance and strategic problem-solving are critical for successfully navigating complex programs and projects, as well as competitive pressures and disruption. Time and time again at the sales meeting, I heard stories about teams and individuals overcoming significant obstacles to meet or exceed client expectations.

The final—and arguably most important—P is PEOPLE. ITA Group, CMB, and Hartmann Studios (newest member of the ITA Group Family) are in the business of engaging with people, whether it’s engaging people with the brands, products, and services they use or partnering with clients, employees, channel partners, advocates, community, friends and family.

Whether you’re a large F100 or a small B2B startup, the 5 P’s of ITA Group—Passion, Pride, Partnership, Perseverance, and People—can be a powerful formula for success.

Heather Magaw is the VP of Client Service at CMB. She had a great time last week on her first trip ever to Iowa engaging with a passionate group of proud, ITA Group employee owners.

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