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We're excited to join the ITA Group Family!

Posted by Savannah House on Fri, Oct 06, 2017

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We’re excited to announce that we are now part of the ITA Group family—a worldwide leader in corporate engagement solutions.

“An increasingly complex and data-driven world requires an innovative and strategic approach to helping companies and their people succeed,” said Jim Garrity, CMB's CEO. “While ITA Group and CMB bring unique expertise and talents to this partnership, we are committed to the same goal: delivering best-in-class data-driven solutions to our clients.” CMB Chair Anne Bailey Berman adds, “I am confident combining our complementary expertise will strengthen our current offerings and carve out new opportunities in our respective industries.”

“Organizations are demanding to know the future,” said Tom Mahoney, ITA Group Chairman and CEO. “They want predictive analytics that allow them to capitalize on their existing assets and create new opportunities for growth. This acquisition will give our clients and prospective clients the data-driven insights that can further drive their business.”

 To learn more about this exciting new chapter, read our full press release here.