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Cloud Computing, IT Professionals Leading the Charge to Adoption

Posted by Brian Jones on Mon, Oct 17, 2011

Cloud AdoptionLast year we shared some of the key trends in cloud computing conversion with the potential  to make 2011 the year of the cloud. Namely, easy integration of cloud and non-cloud computing apps, system management apps that work across platforms, and support from third party service providers who “get” the cloud and its challenges. So, was 2011 the year of the cloud? Our recent Tech Pulse: Cloud Computing Trends and Needs, surveyed over 200 IT professionals and the results revealed an answer a bit more complicated than yes or no.

As expected, cloud conversion has grown steadily in the past year; more than 80% of companies currently use the cloud to house at least some of their apps or platforms. Beyond the growing ubiquity of cloud computing adoption, our study also looked at the following trends:

Cloud adoption is happening at US companies, but on an ad hoc basis: Companies with no plan to introduce cloud computing are rare, but even fewer have adopted a comprehensive company-wide plan. Instead, conversion to cloud computing is primarily implemented within business groups or for specific applications.

Many IT departments are now proactively promoting cloud technologies at their companies:  In sharp contrast to just a few years ago, a majority of IT departments now see themselves as the champions of cloud computing initiatives at their company, while they view more resistance from non-IT executives and line of business managers. Perceived recent improvements to cloud-based technologies along with economic uncertainty have helped changed IT departments from cloud resistors to cloud promoters.

The ad hoc nature of cloud adoption at US companies is creating cloud-based consulting opportunities.  There is a real opportunity for third party consulting and professional service providers that can help companies address cloud-based integration and security challenges. Application management for most companies now is a hodgepodge of non-cloud; private cloud; public cloud and hybrid cloud delivery models with sensitive data moving in and out of company firewalls and across different providers’ public cloud platforms. This is emerging as one of the most serious IT management challenges for the near future.

While this study revealed IT professionals’ lingering reservations about security and integration, it also revealed an opportunity for third party service providers in configuring company infrastructure to work effectively in the new cloud environment.  Clearly 2011 is proving to be a ramp-up period for the cloud.  Now that more IT professionals are primed for cloud adoption, cloud investment by the major players is surging and the enterprise mobility market is trending upwards, the buzz about cloud computing should rapidly come to fruition.

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Posted by Brian Jones. Brian is a Project Manager with CMB's Tech team.

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