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Mode is the Most: Kids Get a Taste of Market Research

Posted by Jeff McKenna on Tue, Feb 14, 2012

A topic near and dear to my heart just became nearer and dearer. Take a look at one of the classroom assignments my kindergarten daughter recently brought home from school:

Market research kids

Isn’t this amazing? Kindergartners are learning the basics of market research! Ever since I got into this business of market research, whenever someone asked me about my job, the answer nearly always comes down to: “I write the survey questions that people ask when calling you during dinner time.”

But, not anymore! My answer can now be: “You know how you might want to learn what is the most popular animal at the carnival? I’m the one who writes the questions, counts the tally marks, and creates the bar charts to show you what is most popular.” How cool is that?

Webinar visual

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Posted by Jeff McKenna, Jeff is a Senior Consultant at CMB, and the creator and host of our Tools and Techniques Webinar Series.

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