The CMB Blog 2015: 6 of Our Favorites

Black Friday Is Dead…Long Live Black Friday

Dear Dr. Jay: Can One Metric Rule Them All?

Star Wars Marketing: Full Light Speed Ahead

Say Goodbye to Your Mother’s Market Research

Brands Enter the Fight Against Holiday Shopping Creep

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What’s in a Name? ABC Family Grows Up

The Research Hero’s Journey: TMRE Conference Recap

Happy WoW-loween: World of Warcraft Gets Player Delight Right

You Cheated—Can Love Restore Trust?

It's Not the Technology. . .It's Us

Busting Millennial Money Myths at Money 20/20

Are You a Wingman to Your CMO?

What's the Emotional Impact of Your Ancillary Revenue Strategy?

CMB Lights the Night for Cancer Research

Dear Dr. Jay: How Long Will My Segmentation Last?

Survey Magazine Names CMB’s Talia Fein a 2015 “Data Dominator”

CMB Conference Recap: Hubspot’s INBOUND 2015

Modern Enigma: Deciphering the Language of Emojis

Harry Potter and the Missing Segment

Dear Dr. Jay: Data Integration

Brands Get in a Frenzy Over Shark Week

When Only a #Selfie Stands Between You and Those New Shoes

A Lesson in Loyalty: Will J. Crew Get a Clue?

Dear Dr. Jay: Bayesian Networks

The Power of Kaleidoscope Thinking

Embracing Mobile Market Research

Mobile Passive Behavioral Data: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Upcoming Webinar: Passive Mobile Behavioral Data + Survey Data

To Infinity and Beyond: Why Going the Extra Mile Pays Off

A Thousand Words: Using Graphics in Research

Better Demographics = Better Insights

A Rose by Any Other Name Might Smell Sweeter

New Study: How Wearables Will Drive the Mobile Wallet Revolution

CMB Conference Recap: MRA's ISC

Superman, the Super Bass-o-Matic, and CMB's EMPACT℠

Dear Dr. Jay: The 3 Rules for Creating Truly Useful KPI

The 7 Types of Loyalty You'll Find in the 7 Kingdoms

CMB Conference Recap: IIR FEI 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips for Insights Professionals

You’re Doing It Wrong: 5 Takeaways from #YaleInsights15

Social Media? Scandal's Got It Handled.

Time to Brand Refresh

Qualitative Research Isn't Dying—It's Evolving

Could Wearables Mean the End of Jet Lag?

Dear Dr. Jay: Predictive Analytics

It's Time to Be Bold: 5 Takeaways from the IIR FUSE Conference

CMB Researcher in Residence: A Chat with Avis Budget Group's Eric Smuda

Reaping the Rewards of Big Data

Ladder Up: What My New Prius Reminded Me About Brand Positioning

99 Problems, but Project Execution Ain't One

3D Diversity: High-Octane Fuel for Your Innovation Engine

Dear Dr. Jay: Mining Big Data

Follow the Humans: Insights from CASRO’s Digital Research Conference

5 Key Takeaways from The Quirk's Event

The Building Blocks of Job Loyalty

5 Things Boston's Snowpocalypse Taught Me About Customer Loyalty

Are You There, News? It's Me, Snapchat.

"Learn" to Innovate: Why Companies that Celebrate Failure Are Only Half-Right

4 Things I Learned at the 2015 Pinnacle Awards

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Is Your Customer Loyalty True?

What's Love (and NPS Scores) Got to Do with it?

Leaning in at CMB

Deflategate and the Dangers of Convenience Sampling

The Price Is Right (or IS it?)

A New Resolution to Finally Rejuvenate that Tired Tracker

Conjoint Analysis: 3 Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

CMB Blog 2014: 6 of our Favorite Posts

5 Key Takeaways from NEMRA's Fall Conference

The Early Bird Gets the...Black Friday Sales Dip?

5 Questions with GSP's Kelli Robertson on Positioning Cisco's "Internet of Everything"

Ready, Set, GROW: CMB Gets Hairy for Mustache Movember

The Origins of Marketing Research

Stitch Fix's Fixation on the Customer Experience

Be Aware When Conducting Research Among Mobile Respondents

Fighting to the Death with a Zombie: 3 Important Lessons on Teamwork

Tablet Purchase Journey Relies Heavily on Mobile Web

Going to QRCA Conference or TMRE? Come See Us!

Light the Night: Our Story

The Effects of Choice Presentation on Consumer Satisfaction

Big Data: We’ve Only Just Begun

Going to CRC? Come See Us!

NFL Popularity Rises as Fans Leave Stadiums

Guest Post: New Research Highlights Hotel Booking Path to Purchase

New Consumer Pulse: Mobile Users Upending Hotel Path to Purchase

In-N-Out Serves up a Side of Innovation

6 Questions with Allstate's Bob Pankauskas

Qualitative, Quantitative, or Both? Tips for Choosing the Right Tool

For the Love of Disney: A Look into the Power of Loyalty

Do you Uber? Taking a Ride with the Future of Customer Experience

The Market Researcher and the Psychic: A Lesson in Divine Inference

Parents at the Tumble Gym: A Segmentation Analysis

Mixing Up the Perfect Summer Innovation Cocktail

Discrete Choice and the Path to a Car Purchase

Guest Blog: The 2014 Future of Consumer Intelligence Recap

Innovation at American Family Insurance

Sponsorship Advertising: Odd Couples That May Succeed

#FEI14 Round Up: 10 Innovators and Companies Disturbing the Continuum

Global Mobile Market Research Has Arrived: Are You Prepared?

CMB: Our People Make the Difference

A Perfect Match? Tinder and Mobile Ethnographies

Highlights from the IIR Total Customer Experience Leaders Conference

What Does it Take to be an Insights Maverick?

Living in a World of Significance

Celebrating Our 30th Year!

Does Speed Kill (Insights)?

What's the Story? 5 Insights from CASRO's Digital Research Conference

Keeping Trackers Fresh: Finding that "Special Something"

Branding a Country on the Olympic Stage

All Aboard: Why Planning a Cruise is like Planning for Market Research

WEBINAR: Using Discrete Choice to Better Position your Brand in a Complex Market

Remembering Dr. John Martin

Incentivized Reviews: A Look at Amazon’s Vine Program

Guest Blog: Why Parenting a Toddler is Particularly Hard for the Modern Marketer

Looking for Innovation? Consider "Brand-Storming"

What they Didn’t Teach you in Marketing Research Class: Sig Testing

Super Bowl Squares: The Secrets to Winning Big

Targeting the Millennial Consumer

Tackling the Innovation Challenge in Large Organizations

When is a Loyalty Program Member More Trouble than He's Worth?

CMB Blog 2013: 5 of our Favorites

Customer Experience Time Machine—Back to the 50's

Chief Strategy Officer Summit: The BIG Questions for 2014 and Beyond

The 4 Step Cure for Choice Overload

Jeffrey Henning:10 Tips for Mobile Diary Studies

Taking Product Development to Infinity and Beyond

South Street Strategy Gears up for the Back End of Innovation!

Craft Brewers Pop the Top on Beer Can Innovation

Interactive Storytelling to Make Strategy Work

Want to Lose Weight? Try a Tradeoff Exercise!

TMRE Top 10 Insights Countdown: #4-1

TMRE Top 10 Insights Countdown: #10-5

Innovation at Marvel Comics

Strangers with Influence: The Mysterious People Behind Online Reviews

Headed to TMRE? We're Excited to See You!

CMB Lights the Night for Cancer Research on October 10th!

When Data Doesn't Deliver: Busting the Conventional Wisdom of Modern Pregnancy

Deconstructing the Customer Experience: What's in Your Toolkit?

Do You Need a Loyalty Program to Drive Customer Loyalty?

Why Some Colleges and Universities get an "F" for Sales

The Secrets of a Great Associate Researcher

5 Benefits of Storytelling in the Consumer-Driven World

CRE Research: Following the Path of Mobile Content

This Is Not Your Padre's Hispanic Consumer

South Street Strategy Guest Blog: Co-creation at LEGO with Friends

All You Need is You: Customer Experience & the Promise of Biometrics

Did a Movie Move the Market?

South Street Strategy Guest Blog: Healthcare Reform: Who's Looking out for the Small Guy?

CMB Webinar 7/25: Creating Brand-Building Customer Experiences

Tauck Creates a New Type of Travel Experience

Myth-Busting Customer Centricity In Healthcare

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Market Research in the Information Economy

Innovating Inside the Box

More Cowbell? What Market Research Needs Right Now

The Bright Side of The New Customer Experience

IT Myth-Busters: A Review of the Current Hype Cycle

Medical Devices: Innovation for Less Is More

How Walgreens' New Focus on Customer Experience Won my Heart

Review Censorship Leaves a Bad Taste in Customers' Mouths

TV Untethered: The Majority of Mobile TV Viewing is Happening at Home

AMP Up Marketing on a Tight Budget

Can an App Make Improving Customer Experience a Snap?

Constraints Are the Fuel of Innovation

Is There an App for That? Mobile Sets the Stage for Guest Loyalty

Highlights from the MassMEDIC MedTech Industry & Innovation Pulse

The 2013 Boston Red Sox: Building Brand Loyalty off the Field

Adventures in the Front End of Innovation

The Art of Data-Driven Strategy

The Main Ingredient: The Market Research in your Pantry

A Getting-to-No Growth Strategy

Show Me on Your Phone Where it Hurts: mHealth is Here

Infographic: What do Mobile Wallets Have to do With Loyalty?

New Study: Consumers and the Race for Mobile Wallet

South Street Strategy Guest Blog: Is Process Killing Your Innovation?

The Segmentation Research Crisis

Introducing Focused Innovation

Let the Games Begin: Adventures in Gamification and Loyalty!

How to Catch a Catfish: Secrets of a Qualitative Researcher

Is Your Loyalty Program Supporting Your Loyalty Strategy?

The Life of a Market Researcher: A Blessing and a Curse

Get on Your Game: Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Tired Tracker

Upcoming Webinar February 28th: Segmentation as a Change Agent

Does Steven Spielberg Have What it Takes to be a Market Researcher?

Diet Pepsi Gives (and Gets) Some Love on Valentine's Day in Boston

Saying I Do to a New Client Relationship

Why the Empowered Patient is the Key to MedTech Innovation

Market Researchers: What We've got Here is a Failure to Communicate

Super Bowl Squares: Increase Your Odds of Winning

When Customer Experience Surveys Attack (or Just Go out of Scope)

Big Ideas to Improve Customer Engagement in 2013

Belichick, Brady and the Patriot Way: A Culture that Breeds Success

Predicting Championship Weekend-Segmentation Style

Big Data: For Disney, It's All in the Wrist

CMB Case Study: Inventing a Tour for the Travelers of the Future

CMB Voices 2012: A Few Favorites

CMB Book Review: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

My Inbox Overfloweth: Adventures in Unsubscribing

Let's Talk about Importance, Baby

CW's Revenge: Ads that Tell a Story Hit Their Target