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CMB Spotlight: John Conti

What Does Inclusivity Look Like In Qualitative Research?

The Price is Right...or is it?

An Exploding Stove, Epic Hold Music, and AI that Measures Consumer Emotion

CMB Spotlight: Taylor Trowbridge

2021: Accepting, Embracing and Seeking Change

A Data Geek’s Take on Holiday Shopping and the Election

CMB Spotlight: Chris Neal

Walt’s Golden Child+

The Rise of Multiplayer Shouldn’t Be Sus to Anyone

Who Are Your Fab 5?

Ignited 2020 | CMB Lights the Night

‘Tis the Season for Change

CMB Spotlight: Judy Melanson

Human Motivations Amid Disruption: 5G, COVID-19 & More

CMB Spotlight: Lori Vellucci

TMRE 2020 Takeaways

Leading 2020 in Mind, Body & Soul

Using Design Thinking to Become a More Agile Researcher

COVID-Induced FOMO in Young Investors

CMB Spotlight: Courtnie Hallendy

IIEX North America Roundup

The Power of Disruption: Uber's COVID-19 Story

Quirk's Virtual Roundup: Building the Plane While Flying It

Expanding Possibilities in Path to Purchase Research

Fast-Moving, Slow-Thinking: How Friction, Challenges, and Barriers Derail Customer Journeys

The Power of the Brand: The Peloton COVID-19 Story

Sailing Rough Seas Toward a Brighter Future

Osmosis: What Happens BEFORE "The Path to Purchase?"

Crossing the Chasm: Is VR Gaming Finally on the Precipice of Adoption?

The Three Pillars of Sustaining Our Culture during COVID-19

Leaning In & Leading Up

Greatest Generation to Toilet Paper Generation?

Find the Truths That Matter Most in Next-Gen Gaming

What is the Next Normal & How To Plan For It?

Should I Be Innovating Now?

It’s Times Like These That We Turn to Wholesome Gaming

The Anxiety Gap: Discovering a Normalcy Bias in COVID-19

All in this Together? Tracking Consumer Sentiment and Psychology in the Age of COVID-19

Quirk's Brooklyn Roundup

Buyer (and Seller!) Beware: The Emotional Bias in User Reviews

Build Customer Intuition and Empathy to Expand Your Brand

Social Detox, Financial Retox

We Had Our Beignets and Learned Something Too

It’s Not Just About Baby Yoda

2020: Sharpening Our Vision

To Take a Stand or To Play it Safe? The Choice Can Affect Your Brand Consideration

The Inner Battle Royale: Who Is The Fortnite Fan?

In Tech We Trust

Detecting Tomorrow’s Patterns at TMRE Las Vegas

IA CRC - Be The Change

Was a Gender-Neutral Doll the Right Move for Mattel?

Wear Your Brand Hat to Ensure Segmentation Adoption

Will Technology Kill the Research Star?

Socialize your Segments to Inspire Action

The 5 things to do BEFORE you Begin a Segmentation

A User's Guide to the “Perfect” Segmentation

Maximizing Segmentation Impact with Smart Trade-offs

Category Disruption and Maximizing Insights Impact

The 5 Keys to Successful Segmentation

Forget Mac or PC: What's your Digital Ecosystem?

This Blog is Dark and Full of Emotional Turmoil

2019 Yale Customer Insights Conference

Selling a Driverless Future: Messaging Strategies for the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

IIeX 2019: Insights Innovation and Inspiration

CMB + GOT: Who will Take the Iron Throne?

Baking With Insights: CMB's First Annual Great Banana Bread Bake-Off

The Road Ahead: Emotions and The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Quirk's Chicago 2019: The Ten Quirk's Q-mandments

It’s Complicated: New Research on Emotion and Autonomous Vehicles

2019 Quirk's Event Brooklyn: Behavior, Identity, and Agile

Don't Get Lost in Translation: 4 Simple Rules for Global Researchers

CMB Moves to Boston's Bustling Financial District

Webinar: New Research Shows Psychological Benefits Impact Employee Engagement

Meeting the Market Researchers of Tomorrow

AI You Can Drive My Car: Anxiety and Autonomous Vehicles at CES

The Essential Ingredients of a Successful Market Research Project

3 Search Behavior Trends to Know in 2019

2018: A Year in Review

Welcoming the New Year with Excitement and Enthusiasm

Brand Tracking for the Digital-first World

How Triathlon Training Makes Me a Better Market Researcher

CMBers Give Thanks This Holiday Season

CMB Welcomes Brenda Ng as VP of Strategy and Account Planning

Why Standing up for the Census Still Counts

The 5 P's of ITA Group: A recipe for success

TMRE 2018: Gen Z, AI, and Ferraris

CRC 2018:  How to Engage Today’s Corporate Research Buyer

Team CMB Lights the Night for Cancer Research with Annual BBQ + Auction

Ellen DeGeneres, The Bachelor, Queer Eye and Qualitative Research

The Cost of Switching Tasks

How SoulCycle Stays in the Saddle of Customer Loyalty and Consideration

Celebrating our First Year as Part of the ITA Group Family!

To Label Me is to Negate Me (Sometimes): The case for occasion-based segmentation

How Advanced Analytics Saved My Commute

My New Driving Tribe

Lobster Served with a Side of Gratitude to CMB Employees

Optimizing Your Conference ROI

Personalization, Privacy and the Creep Factor

Live Sports: Fans' Last Connection to Cable is Fraying

[New Webinar] Winning the Virtual Assistant War

Scoring with Emotion: A lesson for brands

How to Win Virtual Assistant Rejecters Over

CMB Again Recognized Among Top U.S. Research Firms for 2018

Why CrossFit Athletes Become Brand Promoters

Why We Still Use Facebook Despite Privacy Concerns

Consumer-Driven Ideas from Leaders at Keds, NYU, and Alibaba

5 Questions with Qualitative Moderator Eileen Sullivan

Emotions Run High with Virtual Assistants

Agile Innovation Begins and Ends with the Customer

What Amazon Can Teach Us About Delivering on Customer Loyalty

NASCAR Races to Stay Relevant for the Next Generation

How L.L. Bean Weathers Customer Loyalty

Telling Your Insights Story: Reflections from a 2018 Qually Award Finalist

What Kind of Mother Are You?

What’s in a Name: CVS-Aetna Acquisition Brand Strategy

The New Math of Media Disruption

Beer, Pot, Car Racing and More: A brief roundup of Quirks East 2018

Employee Appreciation: The Importance of Providing Emotional Benefits

Predicting Olympic Gold

Relatability, Desirability and Finding the Perfect Match

The Anchoring Effect—Avoiding Bias in Market Research

Begin with the End—Lessons Learned

Competing on Image Isn't Enough: Why and How to Make Your Brand an Expression of Identity

CES 2018: Virtual Assistant Battle Royale

AI's Image Problem: Who's the "Typical" Virtual Assistant User?

Welcoming a New Year and New Opportunities

2017: A year in review

A New Year's Resolution For All Professionals

'Twas the night before field close...

Robo-Advisors Aren't Your Father's Financial Advisor

The Scarcity Effect: Read now before it's gone!

BrandFx: How to Fix Brands' Consumer-sized Blind Spot

Secret Segmentation Schemes: From the Backstreet Boys to JetBlue

The Social Identity Effect: How one Millennial “Found Herself” at the MFA After Midnight

The Art & Science of Selecting a Spokesperson

CMB's Advanced Analytics Team Receives Children's Trust Partnership Award

CMB + ABC @ TMRE 2017: Attracting Viewers (& Customers) in the Golden Age of Content

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot: the 2017 Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC)

I, for one, welcome our new robot...partners

We're excited to join the ITA Group Family!

Does your metric have a home(plate)?

Hulu's Emmy Win Marks a New Age for Content Creators

Are We There Yet? How TURF Can Save Your Family Trip

Why the Market Research Industry Must Stand up for the Census

Namesake: The Next KPI?

Words from a Veteran Telecommuter

Qualitative Research: Thinking Outside the Box(ing) Ring

Flying High on Predictive Analytics

CMB at TMRE 2017

How My Company Keeps Me Loyal

Plotting the Future of Insights… Today

Sugar Overload: Dashboards that Yield Insights Not Headaches

Putting Viewers First in the New Media Landscape

Conference Recap: New England Insights Association Spring Event

Breakthrough Innovation with Co-Creation

AI, AI, AI! What next?

Sporting Brand Loyalty

Flying the Friendly Skies?

Look Everywhere

7 Things Yoga Can Teach Us About Product Innovation

Dear Dr. Jay: How To Predict Customer Turnover When Transactions are Anonymous

If you can’t trust your sample sources, you can’t trust your data

Don't Over-Generalize My Generation

Spring into Data Cleaning

ARF 2017 Annual Conference

Competition is fierce:  How to innovate to drive value

Don’t get ganked! What the rise of esports can teach us about building products that survive

A Lesson in Brand Loyalty and Emotion from a Pure Barre Fanatic

QRCA 2017 Conference Recap

And the award goes to… Predictive Analytics!

Using Emotion to Drive Brand Loyalty

The Power of Identity: A Look at Super Bowl LI Advertising

A Lesson in Storytelling from the NFL MVP Race

Panels: The Unsung Research Hero

Marketer Beware: Brand User Stereotypes Bias How Consumers See Your Ads

Dear Dr. Jay: HOW can we trust predictive models after the 2016 election?

A New Year’s Resolution: Closing the Gap Between Intent and Action

A Year in Review: Our Favorite Blogs from 2016

Happiness is...

But first... how do you feel?

Why Researchers Should Consider Hybrid Methods

Innovation Requires Truly Understanding the Customer's Needs

The Elephant, the Donkey, and the Qualitative Researcher: The Moderator in Market Research and Politics

Dear Dr. Jay: Weighting Data?

You Are What You Wear: The Rise of Wearables and Customization in the Apparel Industry

Porsche Drivers for Trump! Why Perceived User Identities Matter to Brands

MR Insights from the 2016 Election: A Love Letter to FiveThirtyEight

Taking Our Emotions to the Polls

Dear Dr. Jay: When To Stat Test?

CMB Lights the Night for Cancer Research

How to get the most ROI from TMRE 2016

CMB Conference Recap: MRA's Corporate Researchers Conference

Minimalism on Trend: When Consumers Don’t Want to Consume

CMB Welcomes Kathy Ofsthun as Head of Expanding Qualitative Strategy + Insights Practice

How Top Beer Brands Brew up Social Currency

How To Not Flunk the MRA Corporate Researchers Conference

OMG! You Won’t Believe the 3 Things Segmentation and BuzzFeed Quizzes have in Common!

How Under Armour’s Social Currency Builds a Powerful Brand

Swipe Right for Insights